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[Voice Post/Failed Private/Still Student And Friendly Teacher-Locked/Anon Not Enabled]

[The microphone clicks on and the clink of glass meeting wood sounds close by. Shortly after that is a sigh.]

I would say someone shoot me now, but the marksmanship club might actually take me up on that. And I think Kuronue might have a problem with that idea. So no sense in tempting fate.

[There's a small chuckle and a short silence.] I've been back at this school for nearly a year and a half and it seems so little has changed and yet I'm still learning everything all over again. Maybe Yuusuke was right; I shouldn't have bothered to return. He did tell me it was a lost cause.

But... someone has to remember that students have rights, and someone in a position of authority has to stand firm with them. And these kids need a sympathetic teacher. There's never enough of them, even with the Dylandys, Gavin-sensei, and a few others. I just have to hope I'm doing enough.

Baby steps, Minamino. Eventually things will turn out for the better.

[In the background there's a shout of "Oi, Kurama!" before he chuckles softly.] On my way, Kuro-ai.

[There's the sound of him setting down the glass and shuffling before the audio times out. Replies will be voice.]

[Voice]Have a confused Langly

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Eh heheh, I really should pay attention to what's going on with the staff and the students. What am I missing?


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I would have hacked it anyway.

Lovely. If worse comes to worse my classroom can be used as another sanctuary.