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Oh so late. Baa. (CR Meme)

-- Kuronue
-- Love/lust/crush
-- Family
-- Rivals/"Law Types"
-- Close friends
-- Friends
-- Acquaintances
-- Standard dislike
-- GTFO, deadly hate

Yes, those are kanji. First one is gold, the rest are numbers 1-8.

-- Kuronue (Canonmate, Kuro-ai, Kuro [ profile] cioara_bata)
The single most important thing in Kurama's life, quite frankly even coming before his mother. Even thinking of hurting his bat is enough to put you square in the black, even if before then you were a solid green.

-- {Urameshi Yuusuke} (Canonmate, Yuusuke, [ profile] smartass_tantei)
[Description here]

-- {Angie Thompson} (Angie-san, [ profile] pink_scrubs)
[Description here]

-- Kuroba Kaito/Kaitou Kid (Kuroba-kun, [ profile] pansbox)
[Description here]

-- Dark (No reference, [ profile] sexforbreakfast)
[Description here]

-- Shirogane Naoto (Shirogane-san, [ profile] truthinfortune)
[Description here]

-- Hakuba Saguru (Hakura-san, [ profile] clockmaster)
[Description here]

-- Miles Edgeworth (Edgeworth-san, [ profile] samriprosecutor)
[Description here]

-- Phoenix Wright (Wright-san, [ profile] attorney_at_lol)
[Description here]

-- {Rusty Ryan}(Professional, [Bad username or site: @])
[Description here]

-- Toyua (Canonmate, Touya, [ profile] wintershards)
[Description here]

-- Langly (Langly-san, [ profile] hippie_hacker)
[Description here]

-- Mariach (Mariach-san, [ profile] maraihi)
[Description here]

-- Azula (Fire Lord Azula, [ profile] peoplesprincess)
[Description here]

-- William Birkin (Birkin-sensei, [ profile] touchofgenius)

-- Bertie Wooster (Wooster-san, [ profile] callmebertie)
[Description here]

-- Reginald Jeeves (Jeeves-san, [ profile] knotsunraveled)
[Description here]

-- Tommy Gavin (Gavin-san, [ profile] 8fingerswhiskey)
[Description here]

-- Sawyer (Sawyer-san, [ profile] redneck_conman)
[Description here]

-- Ryudo Issei (Ryudo-san, [ profile] ewwgirls)

-- Gokudera (Gokudera-san, [ profile] notasonewishes)

-- Tatsumi Kanji (Tatsumi-kun, [ profile] topsiclevacuum)

-- Suguru Ki... I have no idea how to say it, let alone spell it. ("That one that dared call me a retard," "Pink... guy... thing," "The one who attacked Fire Lord Azula without provocation", [ profile] last5secondswin)
[Description here]

TELL ME IF I FORGOT YOU. Seriously, I has memory of goldfish. Will be updated periodically. Last update: September 25, 2009

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