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OOC: What If? Ploty plots~

So, virus plotting!  YYH cast, DCMK cast, and anyone connected to said casts, heads up!


So, here's the idea for him, and the one I'm going with.  What if he'd never been attacked by that bounty hunter?

This would result in his never becoming Shuichi Minamino and not having that human influence that's lead to... a shit ton of his current character, actually.  So he'd still be a thiefy and will be participating in Naoto's Plot of Thiefy Compition, and he'll be a lot more... uncensored and forward.  And demony.  Can't forget demony.  Where the phantom thieves would be going for just a kiss, he'd make an attempt at outright seduction.  Mun decrees he'd fail of course, it would be way the hell too awkward post-virus.

This also means that if I am forced to use one of the red headed icons... please pretend it's a Yoko icon with the same expression?  It's freakishly difficult to find Yoko icons. Scratch that, Z's a lifesaver, I found or made another eighteen or so icons.


Her... I'm not so sure on.  I'm thinking either What if she'd never joined the org? or What if she'd never made the Apotoxin?

Both would result in her having her normal body, but I honestly don't feel like digging around for Shiho icons.

EDIT: There's also What if her sister Akemi hadn't died? But I'm not sure what'd go on there.

Need some help there guys.  Thoughts?

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what if Conan had managed to stop Akemi before Gin and Vodka got to her?

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I'm all for the idea of seeing more Yoko.

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I am all for this!

Also, Naoto is going to be heisting around Inaba and stealing items from Kanji, Yosuke, Rise, and Yukiko, and will only return them in exchange for a kiss. This is just his own personal thing, in case an actual competition doesn't pan out somehow.

Haibara... If she never made the drug, then Shinichi wouldn't be tiny, either!

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Indeed! I'm glad I didn't go for the obvious "What if Naoto was born as a boy?" thing.

That could work! I'm sure Shinichi would be happy for it!

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I know we chatted about this over aim but I have decided~! Fox boy is a good thing. B) since Kuronue's 'what if' will be ... what if Kurama had died, instead of the bat?

I think you'll have some fun with the results tomorrow, bb.

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oh nooo. ;_; what happened with aim? Can you get on gchat? I'd like to plot some stuff out first if you can