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Rose 14 [Video/Backdated to the 30th]

OOC: Majority (As in, all but two or three lines of Kurama's after Kurama and Kuronue walk into Yuusuke's room) transcribed from the anime, episode 111, second half. Figured it'd be better to do it this way than shoehorn the bits of dialogue that I wanted in this at awkward places. Normal text is Kurama, italics is for Yuusuke, bold and italics is for Kuronue, and bold is for Koto and [Spoiler here, read the video post to find out who won the tourney]. Done with Lii and Z's permission.

[The feed starts out somewhat fuzzy and rather blurry, then sharpens into focus, revealing a long, sterile hallway… was that a nurse dashing off in a minor panic? There’s Kuronue, walking beside the camera feed. The sound of a page turning is heard, which is quickly followed by a wobbling of the feed.]

“Hm.” [And there’s Kurama, muttering softly so that only the two of them, and the apparent accidental video feed, can hear him.] “Kuroba-kun still thinks he’s dating Fire Lord Azula… Rufus ShinRa is searching for a new personal assistant, the ones who were body swapped seem to be in their rightful places again, and the child detective got himself knocked out and thrown in some sort of wine cellar.”

“Just a regular day then, fox?”

“It appears so.”

[They walk on, coming close to a room with the door partly open. A thick accent that sounds vaguely Australian can be heard coming from it, saying “It defined ripper!” which was followed by Yuusuke speaking, apparently awake at last.]

“So where are we now in the tournament? I mean is it the semifinals yet?”

[The duo walk through the door, Kurama shutting the book, which continues filming merrily along, seemingly unfazed by the sudden compression of pages.]

“No, Yuusuke. The tournament is over.”

“What?” [Yuusuke looking at Kurama, a shocked expression on his face. He’s covered in bandages above his chest with a few along his jaw and cheek bones.]

“Here, the winner is giving his speech now.” [Kurama and Kuronue help Yuusuke out of bed and support him as they walk from the medical wing to the upper decks of the tournament arena. On the staging platform stand Koto and the winner of the tournament.]

“Well the fights have been long and the fights have been tough, but as all great things do this rumble has come to an end! And so I present to you the winner of this tournament and our new sole ruler of the Makai, Enki!”

[There’s the distant and not so distant shout of cheers and cries of dissent.]

“I thought for sure it’d be Yomi.”

“He lost in his first match after you.”

[Yuusuke looks towards Kurama] “Who was it?”

“An inconsequential foe he had no business losing to, but his injuries from you were too much.” [Kurama glances at Yuusuke and smiles] “Your punch didn’t earn a win, but it defeated him in the end.”

“And Mukuro?”

[Kurama looks back down at the arena, as Koto hands the microphone to Enki.] “She gave her all to beat Natsumi, then lost to him in the next round.”

[Enki, a large red ogre with two horns coming out the sides of his head, speaks.] “Well, here I am. By strange circumstances and the mystery of the match. But I’ve come to believe luck is just as important as planning in this life, so I’m taking leadership over us. But I’m only making it a three year term.”

[More cheers come from the demons, many of them already making plans to be present at the next tournament.]

“Well, the rule was that whoever wins, not matter what, all demons had to obey his or her laws, and so I’ll hold you to that. It won’t be very hard to remember; I’m only enforcing one great law. My law is from now on there will be no mischief in the Ningenkai!”

[The crowd falls silent, unsure of what they’ve just been ordered.]

“We’ve been fighting for too long. It’s something I learned from an old friend. This is how I’ll honor his memory. I’ll create a council and figure out the particulars of this in a week.”

[Yuusuke looks around, searching for someone.] “Where’s Yomi? I would have liked to seen his reaction.”

“He left soon after his loss.”

“Where to?”

“He described it as a ‘journey of new truths’ with his son. Hopefully he’ll take the time to discipline that child while he’s at it.”

“Well, thank you for coming, everyone, and listening to me. Things… are going to start getting better around here.”

“He’ll be good for the Makai, I think. We needed someone sympathetic to Raizen’s goals.”

[Turns to Yuusuke and the others, taking Kuronue’s arm as he does so.]

“Now, do excuse us.” [He winks] “I have a bet to honor.”

[And here the book seems to register that it’s been closed and the feed cuts.]

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