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13th Rose [Voice]

[The microphone clicks on and almost immediately you can hear Kurama sigh.  When he speaks, his voice is muffled at first, as though his arm is in the way.]

Kuro lost.  And he's hurt.  Not as badly as he was a month ago, but... Angie-san, can you get another hop to come and examine him for me?  I've already treated most of it myself, but a second opinion would be... comforting.

[There's a shuffle of fabric as he pauses, then his voice sounds wooden.]

It's down to Enki now.  The sparring partner to a dead King of Makai.  He's the only one standing between Mukuro and the throne.  Tomorrow morning is the final round.  Yuusuke is still unconscious.

Things are not looking good for us.

[Audio ends]

((I'll stop spamming soon, I swear!  Canon progression's nearly over!))

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Why are you alwa Alright, I'll be there as soon as possible.

Lol sorry, they were more typed then deleted type strikes XD

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Don't worry about it. My job is to help people, I don't need compensation.

"Why are you always needing healing?" XD Not bitterly, of course

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As I stated, it's my job. I don't mind it at all.

"I should hire myself out to these shounen characters. I could make a bunch of monies"

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You're welcome.

"Well of couse. I wouldn't take the money ICly because I'm one of those people :|"

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I will see you soon.

"... but that sounds like a date and you have a boyfriend D:"

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"Pfffhahahaaa. Score, fox! ... c'n i watch. :| ... /rose whipped in every sense"

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"I see how it is. Two-sided mirror then? 8D"

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Not a problem. What world are you in?

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For how long will this continue?

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Given the choices, I would prefer to have Enki then Mukuro. Although, I would have never thought it would come to Enki.

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