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11th Rose [Video]

[We have a very close close up of Kurama's eyes before he steps back. He's looking quite a bit better than he did after his battle, though his arm is still bandaged and he's got a few bandaids on his face. He crosses his arms and looks sternly at the camera.]

I'm going to get this out of the way. While I'm thankful for those of you who were concerned about my well being, you really did not need to worry. I fully intended to go to the medical wing after Hiei's fight. Touya, I believe you were there when I said it.

Now, to matters that actually do matter. As you have likely heard, Hiei lost his battle to Mukuro, and Yuusuke has lost to Yomi. Yuusuke is currently unconscious in the medical wing as we speak, and has been since his loss. This puts us in a very...[He shakes his head, knowing that Yuusuke would not be pleased with him saying this] undesirable position. In fact, it makes myself and Kuronue as the only two standing between them and rulership of the Makai. Unless you count Natsumi, Enki, and some unknown, no name demon that Yomi's next battle is with. I can only hope that the next two or so days prove fortunate.

[He shakes his head again, then glances off to the side for a moment. When he glances back at the camera, he has a highly devious look on his face.] My next battle is with Kuronue. This will be quite... [He pauses expectantly, as though for dramatics' sake] interesting. We even have a bet riding on it. Cheer for me to strike first blood, everyone. [He winks, and then the screen goes black]

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Don't matter how loud they cheer, fox, it's as good as won!

[ooc: Just don't have a random ooc identity crisis in the middle of it, Kurama! XD he'll kick your aaasss~ ]

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So I know! 's gonna be a great fight, fox. Rest up, you'll need it.

(( I saw wat u did thar B| ))

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'course I will. My bet's ridin' on it. I'll need all that energy for what I plan to do to youko when I get 'im.

Gonna make the most of it.

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You can't keep fighting like that.

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This is how the tournament works. The Dark Tournament was a lot worse compared to this one. Not to mention it's just the way Kurama is....extremely stubborn.

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I noticed his stubborness, that's not a bad thing until it gets you killed.

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I don't know, you never told me why are you doing this. But I mean that your body will collapse if you push it that far.

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If you are so sure.

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Yes, Kurama, I know. It still doesn't mean I really approve of the idea either. Good luck on the match. This will be an interesting watch.

[Locked] Correction times four *hits head against desk repeatedly*

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I don't know what your issue is, Kurama, but what ever it is better be worked out soon. I have the right to be allowed to think and show concern just as you do. I am not someone you can simply just tell what to do just because you decided to spare my life.