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10th Rose

((And here we have a lot of bullshit identity crisis why I hate this arc an accidental video post of Kurama's fight. Replies will be ICly an hour or so after the fight all in voice, though anyone in Makai is welcome to action spam funs. ^^))

Chibi Kurama is the cutest thing ever

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I see :3

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Shuichi where are you? you need help.

*goes* .....omgggggggg ♥♥♥♥ i liek the one with shiori too

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[note how he realized it >>']

Thats not what I said. I can get you a healer if you all need one.

What was all this about?

~♥ :3

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[[Relief can be heard in his voice.]]
You certaintly know how to give us a scare, Kurama. I'll admit that was one hell of a battle.

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[[Smirks]]Funny, Kurama.
[[In a softer tone so others don't hear their conversation.]] I take it you were able to work out the situation that was bothering you during your fight?


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What are you doing?!


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You fool. They have medical treatment for you there, correct?


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... you goddamned idiot.

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... che. [He drags him closer and glowers down against his hair, both arms draping moodily around Kurama's shoulders.]

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... for some reason I picutred Kaito in the announcers stand with Koto

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DUDEDUDEDUDE he's so commentating with her XD And yes! [Action!Spam]

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[adifojpaosdj doesn't know much else beyond first aid and he's more experienced with gunshot wounds and apdiofjasd, so he's just gonna put his hand on Kurama's shoulder and... try to think of some way to help] You've gotta get to the medical wing!

... I miss Juri ;-;

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XD Oh but of course.

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At least it's over? I'm getting Urameshi's match up now. :3

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[Relieved sigh] ...jeeze, man, don't scare us like that.

b'derp. Looks like we're gettin' a twofer, then. |Da

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This whole thing's goin' better than I expected it to.