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The Truth Will Set You Free? [RL with Angie, backdated to 11 pm last night]

Kurama stood outside Caducus hospital waiting for Angie to walk out the doors.  He shoved his hands in his pockets, one hand nervously playing with one of the origami roses Kuronue had taken to leaving in random places for him to discover.  He sighed, knowing how important this conversation was going to be.

With Yuusuke's announcment that the tournement was finally going to start this weekend, he had to revise a few things.  Knowing the community's habit of posting video without warning, he realized that a few secrets he had been trying to keep since his first day on the community would likely be exposed.

He didn't want Angie to find the truth out that way.

So here he was, standing outside a hospital in the future -- Although it was a comfort to know that the Y2K glitch was a myth -- waiting for her to show so he could tell her he was a demon.  Yeah, this was going to be a fun night.

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The click of Angie's heeled shoes echoed through the hospital hallways as she walked towards the exit. She had a late shift tonight, of course, but she was lucky enough not to be on call for the evening. Her associate Dr. Stiles wasn't so lucky, however, and she couldn't help but laugh when he gave her a weak look as he left. She made him promise to finish that paperwork so she wouldn't have to do it for him in the morning, and although he had sighed and complained, she had faith he'd say true to his word.

... hopefully.

The nurse dug through her purse for her cell phone and pulled it out as she pushed open the hospital doors and stepped outside. She smiled at Shuichi and lifted up her finger to ask him to hold on as she made a quick phone call to her mother. She would just be waking up in Germany, after all, and she wanted to say hello.

Truth be told, Angie had no idea what Shuichi was about to tell her. She knew there was something... different, about the young man, especially ever since he had controlled that lily pad back during the Oregon trail virus, but she didn't want to pry. He'd come out and tell her if he wanted to. Besides, he seemed like an intelligent young man. He couldn't be in too much trouble.

After a quick conversation with her mother, Angie snapped her phone shut and turned back toward Shuichi. "There's a coffee shop down the street from here," she said, "It would still be open this late at night."

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Angie took his arm with a smile. What a nice young man. He would grow up to be a fine person some day. At least, that's always what she thought when she talked to him.

"I would like that very much, thank you," she said as she lead him towards the coffee shop.

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Angie waved her free hand. "I'll leave that up to you," she answered.

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Anige nodded in understanding as she entered the store and walked up to the counter. She refrained from ordering while Shuichi spoke.

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Angie was already digging through her purse when Shuichi offered to pay. "Oh no, it's alright!" she said modestly, "I can pay for myself."

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The nurse flashed Shuichi a smile, before she ordered her drink.

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Angie blushed and waved her free hand. "Oh no, he's just a friend," she added quickly, before she followed Kurama to the tables. She was sipping on her coffee lightly, letting it cool down before she took larger gulps, and grabbed a seat opposite her companion.

She didn't answer right away as she finished testing the temperature of her coffee, but when she was she glanced up and nodded at him. "The silver fox's grandfather, I believe."

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Angie was leaning back in her chair as she listened with all the fascination of someone who had no idea they were hearing a personal recount of someone's history.

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"... hm, some mother she was," Angie replied a bit harshly, once again unaware of the fact that Shuichi was talking about himself. "I assume the little fox managed to find a way to survive on his own?"

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Angie paused as she lifted her cup of coffee up to sip from it again. Controlling plantlife? Wasn't there that one time--

--nah, she was thinking too deeply into the story. But still...

The nurse sipped at her drink and nodded, indicating that Kurama continue.

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Angie had to admit, the story was getting rather interesting, though she still couldn't shake that slightly suspicious feeling. She remained silent and continued to sip at her coffee as she watched Shuichi carefully from across the table.

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Angie, although she had remained silent for most of the tale, had stopped sipping at her coffee and was staring at the table. It was an incredibly sad tale, and as much of a level headed and intelligent woman as she was, she still had emotions.

She slowly placed her cup on the table and sighed. "It's... a very tragic legend," she said, a bit sympathetically, "Unless there's more to it?"

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... now this was intriguing, and Angie found herself watching Shuichi with a calculated expression from across the table. Her suspicions from earlier weren't exactly quelled as the story continued. If anything the part about the fox demon becoming human made her a bit more suspicious. But still, she didn't say anything.

She could be a good listener, after all. And she was probably just imagining things.

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She lowered her gaze, and suddenly she had a feeling she knew exactly what was coming next. She wasn't angry-- more irritated than anything that he didn't tell her, but then again... she couldn't exactly blame him. "I see," she answered with another sip of her almost-gone coffee.

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So she was right. Or rather, her suspicions were.

The nurse didn't say anything, though her gaze flickered to the lily flower nestled in the demon's palm. She drank the last of her coffee and placed the cup back on the table, before leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms over her chest. She looked annoyed and pensive, though not angry, which was a plus.

After a moment, she spoke. "I'm not pleased you didn't tell me, just so you know."

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Angie blinked, and for a moment all the irritation in her voice dissipated. "This weekend?"

... was I supposed to do this two comments ago?

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Angie let out a small 'hm.' "At least you have the decency to tell me beforehand."

Sorry |D

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The nurse arched an eyebrow at Kurama from across the table. "Please. Don't consider me that juvenile," she said with a bit of an indignant tone, "I'm not going to slap you or never talk to you again. I can understand the reason you never told anyone."

Even if not being told did irritate her, she wasn't so selfish as take out that irritation on him. Especially when he was being to mature about it all.
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"Hm." Angie glanced down at her hands which were folded on the table in front of her. Surprisingly, for just finding out a young man she thought was gifted and upstanding was actually a thieving demon was a bit of a shock, but she didn't have very many questions... the community was irrational, but she had come to accept this long ago.

She did want to know one thing, of course. "I certainly hope you aren't stealing today."

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"Good." As long as he wasn't involved in anything illegal, Angie would be just fine with his past.

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Angie stood up and clutched her purse tightly. She eyed Kurama for a moment, clearly debating on whether she should say yes or not, before she decided that it couldn't hurt. "If you wish to."

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Her grip loosened. "I would very much appreciate that," she said. It would help her sleep easier at night, of course. Not because she was afraid he'd steal from her, but because she knew she wouldn't... technically... be helping a criminal.

Kurama was free to do as he wished on other worlds, and she wouldn't complain. But she didn't want to be involved herself.