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8th Rose

Until recently I did not believe I would ever be thankful to have found the community.  This is not to say I ever truly hated it either.  It was just a part of my life, if an occasionally irritating one.

It is true I have made a fair number of friends here and met some intriguing people.  Even found some who shared common interests with me.  However, it was still simply something I could visit in my spare time.

Yesterday changed that.  The community saw fit to return someone who I had long since thought forever lost to me.  Someone who I cared for and still care for deeply.

I believe I shall be one of the few who will ever say these words:

My eternal thanks, DramaDramaDuck.

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You're not the only one.
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Blue streak~

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You can say that. I have an extremely important person because of the community.


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... I can't say I'd ever give it my eternal thanks, but it's done some good things for me. More bad than good, but eh... it's worth it. Sometimes. I think.

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Wait until it tries to kill you. Er, if it hasn't already.


She wasn't happy, but she'll be okay. I hope.

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I owe this community my life. The pros certainly outweigh the cons.

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I'll probably still complain about the viruses, but it's a... Loving complaint. I was actually supposed to die in my own world, but an old friend of mine let me stay with him about eleven years in the future to avoid my own death.

It is, indeed. I'm Dr. William Birkin. Most people just call me by my last name, to be honest.

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This shows that DDD isn't always so bad after all! Glad, you were able to find an old friend! I never did get to say it was nice working with you, despite the circumstances!

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Yes, that is a bit embarrassing. We got very lucky...

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That's good Shuichi.

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I'm happy for you, really. And old friend come back?


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Gettin' all misty on me, 'rama-ai? [sleepy bat is sleepy and just woke up; he peers into the book, rumpled and yawning]


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Mornin'... evenin', more like. Time 'sit?


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Re: [Voice]

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