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22nd Rose [Locked from detectives sans Naoto/fail lock from Hakuba]

...I cannot believe my behavior last week.  I have always despised the methodology of the Phantom Thief, the lacking logic.  To find myself actually following and believing it... I even posted a heist note, by Inari.  And I called myself Kaitou Kitsune?  How ridiculous.

Kid, even after having lived your life for a few days I still cannot understand you.

...Also I still find myself in possession of the Earth's Opal.  Kid, could I bother you to return it for me?

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Phantom Thieves aren't as bad as all that.

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If you took exception to Kid as a person, I would be very disappointed in you. But what's so horrifying about their methods?

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His goals aren't like the goals of a regular thief. It's a mistake to compare the two.

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I agree wholeheartedly. But then, my admiration of Kid must be well-known to you by now.

Thieves are not really my area of expertise, though I was one for a time. On the whole, I prefer to be a law-abiding citizen.

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Kid is amazing! How can I not be enthusiastic in the presence of his skills?

Quite nicely, actually. I'm surprised that you remember! We had not spoken very often, then.

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I'm glad we agree on so many important topics.

It's always a surprise to find out who has been reading my journal...

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Erm, yes... Though a Shirogane always honors a promise, if you release me from it, then I'll feel no shame for it.

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W-Well, if you say we can ignore it, then we shall! I'll not lose face simply because I was under the influence of a virus at the time!

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I'm quite all right! Why would you think otherwise?

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You can give me the Earth's Opal, I will take care of it.

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As long as someone returns the jewel...don't make me track you all down.


[anon forever]

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It would hardly be a bother for me to spend a few days with a jewel as lovely as that one. ♥

[anon forever]

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It's an art form that not everyone has a taste for, unfortunately.

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Ah, careful, or you might start sounding like a certain Tantei-san.

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I suppose it's forgivable, just this once.