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Okay, I've been running Kurama for nearly a year and a half now, but since this is a whole new Kurama from a different point in the series than I'm used to taking him from, concrit is appriciated.  And I mean Constructive Criticisim when I say this, any comments to the effect of "YOU SUCK, DROP NAO, GDIAF YOU BETCH" will be deleted with much enjoyment on my part.

Anon and comment screening are enabled and while I'm not disabling IP, I don't pay attention to that anyway, so don't worry about that.  Kurama's the techno savy, not me.

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*waves* Welcome aboard!

Sorry if I'm bugging, but I'm curious - What point in the series are you taking him from? And where are you normally used to playing him from? XD

I've been out of personal fandom of the series for a while, though I still love it. Again, welcome aboard! Have fun!!

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*is thinking how she /really/ should be working - LOL* XD;;; If you don't get any responses right away after this one, that's why. ^_^

Cool cool. ^_^ Yeah, I've not had/made opportunity to interact with Yusuke yet (should try, but I've not seen anything that would be IC for Yugi or Yami to respond to - LOL guess I could poke the mun XD)

Ah. *nodnod* Well, there's not a HUGE difference in his personality/character between the two arcs, imho. Biggest diff, I guess, would be in his outlook on Yusuke - having nearly lost him and all. And his own growth (the influences of his youko half, etc). Hm . . . yeah, I guess there /is/ potential for some pretty notable changes. *FACEPALM* Like the personal struggle between his human and youkai halves that we see /well/ into Three Kings. Heh . . . can you tell it's been a /long/ while since I've watched/read YYH? Doesn't help that I've never played or written (fanfic) for him past DT myself. I've played him in a tabletop RP (writing up the four YYH leads for Rifts was a BITCH, let me tell ya! LOL So were Yugi and Yami, for that matter) and for a while in a private RP over AIM/YIM with some friends, but never in a setting like this.

Where you been playing him before here? *nosey LOL*

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You are an amazing, sweet, loving mun. Your characters are wonderful to interact with, and you've always been mature OOC. I love seeing Kurama around and interacting with him, and I know Haibara is much beloved among her cast and others.