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We celebrated my twentieth birthday yesterday. It was more important to Kaasan than it was to me, but I understand why, it is a big year after all.

It's hard to believe I'm twenty years old, I don't seem any different from when I arrived on this community three and a half years ago. Still, it was an enjoyable day and it made her happy, which is all I ask for.

...I do have to admit though, it wasn't without a little bit of sadness. I used to share this day with Kuroba Kaito, and would look forward to wishing him a happy birthday in return. With Ryudo-san gone now as well, a day that I once spent with friends is something of an empty one now.

Happy Birthday anyway, Kuroba-kun, even if you aren't here to see it now.
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...I'm sure they're both glad to have known you, if nothing else.
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It's alright. I am still at my Master's side, and will remain his guard and companion for the foreseeable future.

Oh--happy birthday, even if it is a bit late for me to say so.
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You're far too kind to say so. I am just a knight, that's all.

Hm, I see no reason why I should not have said as much.
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...I think to some extent, we shared that problem.

[A shrug.]

At any rate, modesty is a good quality to have in my own opinion.
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I can't say what I'd do without him, in more than just the literal sense.

[He paused, considering that for a moment.]

No, it's not very common. Pride is fine, of course, but I was always taught there was a fine line between pride and arrogance.
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That's almost exactly what I was always taught. A knight's compassion is its own reward, and anything else simply comes as it will.
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Hm...the world really has changed, hasn't it?
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It's quite remarkable, just how much I've actually missed. Summoning mechanics or not, I feel I'm still remarkably unprepared.
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[He laughed quietly at that, thinking about it.]

...Before that, I think. Like you, it's hard to place an exact time.
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I'm not sure one would be wrong in filing me under the category of divinity, but at this point it's more a case of minor details.

Regardless, it's been very long since I was actually properly alive. I expect it will take some time to even adjust properly.
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My father was one. I never gave much thought to it, to be quite honest with you., the community loves to complicate matters in general.
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Hm? No, not at all. The line between divinity and demon was a little...blurry, in my era and country.
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Correct, I originate from Ireland. I don't think we had very much in the way of foxes that I was personally aware of. However, one did tend to find quite a range on the scale of mischief to malice as far as faeries and spirits went.
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Well, I would sincerely hope you didn't.
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I must admit myself to be quite the same in that respect.
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It was your birthday? Oh - if I'd known, I would have got you something! I'm so sorry!
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Even so, we've been friends for a while now. It just feels really strange to have not even known when your birthday was... um, still, I'm glad you enjoyed your day. Happy belated Birthday all the same?
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You're quite welcome! Twenty must be a bigger deal in Japan than it is here in America, huh?

Mine's July 1st!