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deadly_garden ([personal profile] deadly_garden) wrote2012-06-22 01:33 am
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We celebrated my twentieth birthday yesterday. It was more important to Kaasan than it was to me, but I understand why, it is a big year after all.

It's hard to believe I'm twenty years old, I don't seem any different from when I arrived on this community three and a half years ago. Still, it was an enjoyable day and it made her happy, which is all I ask for.

...I do have to admit though, it wasn't without a little bit of sadness. I used to share this day with Kuroba Kaito, and would look forward to wishing him a happy birthday in return. With Ryudo-san gone now as well, a day that I once spent with friends is something of an empty one now.

Happy Birthday anyway, Kuroba-kun, even if you aren't here to see it now.

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