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This memory opens up with a door opening and a young boy, clearly Kurama’s human side at age six by the mop of red hair, is seen entering it.

I'm home! )

((And purple is Kurama's human mother, normal as always being Kurama himself.))

19th Rose

Jan. 13th, 2010 09:22 am
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The plants won't let us out of the den today, same as they wouldn't yesterday once I came home from checking on Kaasan.  I was barely able to return at all; traditional world hopping is obstructed.  I had to walk around until I found a weakness in the barrier.  Koenma doesn't seem to have any ideas what could be behind this.

I'm concerned.  What little fog that manages to leak through is this disgusting yellow shade, not the reddish tint I've grown accustomed to in the Makai.  The plants have informed me that Kaasan, Kuronue and I are not the only ones who have developed headaches.

...Theirs are worse than mine.

Kuwabara-kun, Touya, have you been experiencing the same?  And does anyone else have any idea what this could be?  I'm afraid I'm only getting bits and pieces of information at this point.
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[At first all you can hear is faint music, the song vaguely identifiable as being in Greek. A few moments later a male voice joins it, his pronunciation slightly off and halting. Soon enough it ends and the voice sighs.

Seemingly thinking that the recorder hadn't been on until now he starts to speak.]

There are days... when I sincerely hate what I've done with my life. Never my distant past; I'm quite content with that. It's what I've done recently that I loathe. Lying to her. Staying here.

Before Kuro was returned to me... I had no qualms staying here for the rest of her life. It was only proper, after all. She raised me, put up with me when I was an ungrateful child. I can't leave her. [soft laugh] I never could, really.

And then I found Kuro and the tournament happened and suddenly it felt like home again. It was a feeling I missed. [chuckles again] It was a feeling I liked. It was nice, being myself again with no questions asked.

[He's quiet for a long moment, only the white noise indicating that the recording was still active] I should go back, to be with Kuro as we used to be. To do as we used to do. But... I have school to finish, my mother and younger brother to take care of. [A deep sigh] I don't know what to do. But... I have time to decide. Time tends to be there always.

[And feed cuts out. All replies will be in voice unless otherwise noted.]

3rd Rose

Feb. 28th, 2009 05:54 pm
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It seems Kaasan and Hatanaka-san have decided change the date of their wedding from a fall ceremony to an early spring one.  I'm not sure what exactly prompted this change, but I suspect it has to do with the sakura trees blooming.  Kaasan favors them, after all.

[Locked to self, difficult to hack (IE: Gods and friends with good computer skills)]

This simplifies things somewhat.  Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by Yomi, of all people, seeking my return to the Makai.  I'll have to negotiate with him, of course, as to how long I'll... visit, since there is only so often I can tell Kaasan I'm going with friends to China.  Perhaps I can give her a trip as a honeymoon gift...


I likely should start shopping for White Day gifts.  Two weeks until the holiday, after all.

...I should get Hiei something.  Just to see his reaction.


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