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...I cannot believe my behavior last week.  I have always despised the methodology of the Phantom Thief, the lacking logic.  To find myself actually following and believing it... I even posted a heist note, by Inari.  And I called myself Kaitou Kitsune?  How ridiculous.

Kid, even after having lived your life for a few days I still cannot understand you.

...Also I still find myself in possession of the Earth's Opal.  Kid, could I bother you to return it for me?
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This memory opens up with a door opening and a young boy, clearly Kurama’s human side at age six by the mop of red hair, is seen entering it.

I'm home! )

((And purple is Kurama's human mother, normal as always being Kurama himself.))
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[The microphone clicks on and the clink of glass meeting wood sounds close by. Shortly after that is a sigh.]

I would say someone shoot me now, but the marksmanship club might actually take me up on that. And I think Kuronue might have a problem with that idea. So no sense in tempting fate.

[There's a small chuckle and a short silence.] I've been back at this school for nearly a year and a half and it seems so little has changed and yet I'm still learning everything all over again. Maybe Yuusuke was right; I shouldn't have bothered to return. He did tell me it was a lost cause.

But... someone has to remember that students have rights, and someone in a position of authority has to stand firm with them. And these kids need a sympathetic teacher. There's never enough of them, even with the Dylandys, Gavin-sensei, and a few others. I just have to hope I'm doing enough.

Baby steps, Minamino. Eventually things will turn out for the better.

[In the background there's a shout of "Oi, Kurama!" before he chuckles softly.] On my way, Kuro-ai.

[There's the sound of him setting down the glass and shuffling before the audio times out. Replies will be voice.]
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Yoko stood in front of the clearly deranged bat, paying no attention to the body scant inches from his foot. His arms were crossed and his eight tails waved and twitched in obvious annoyance.

This was not the Kuronue he had woken up next to that morning. No, this bat was unhinged, speaking nonsense -- Buried beneath the roses? Him? Honestly. -- and obviously had suffered a head injury of some sort. This was not something the fox wanted to deal with in the slightest, though it was obvious that it would have to be dealt with swiftly.

Illusion, delusion, hallucination?  Yoko was none of these things and would prove it.

His voice was cold, void of emotion that he couldn't spare at the moment.  "Kuronue, explain yourself.  Now."
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So, virus plotting!  YYH cast, DCMK cast, and anyone connected to said casts, heads up!


So, here's the idea for him, and the one I'm going with.  What if he'd never been attacked by that bounty hunter?

This would result in his never becoming Shuichi Minamino and not having that human influence that's lead to... a shit ton of his current character, actually.  So he'd still be a thiefy and will be participating in Naoto's Plot of Thiefy Compition, and he'll be a lot more... uncensored and forward.  And demony.  Can't forget demony.  Where the phantom thieves would be going for just a kiss, he'd make an attempt at outright seduction.  Mun decrees he'd fail of course, it would be way the hell too awkward post-virus.

This also means that if I am forced to use one of the red headed icons... please pretend it's a Yoko icon with the same expression?  It's freakishly difficult to find Yoko icons. Scratch that, Z's a lifesaver, I found or made another eighteen or so icons.


Her... I'm not so sure on.  I'm thinking either What if she'd never joined the org? or What if she'd never made the Apotoxin?

Both would result in her having her normal body, but I honestly don't feel like digging around for Shiho icons.

EDIT: There's also What if her sister Akemi hadn't died? But I'm not sure what'd go on there.

Need some help there guys.  Thoughts?

6th Rose

Apr. 26th, 2009 09:13 pm
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This virus is officially highly inconvenient.  The two days I spent with Yuusuke were... tolerable, at least. However...

Yomi.  Of all people, it is Yomi I'm forced to... touch... today.  I would touch Sensui before Yomi, in all honesty.  I touched Yomi often enough when he still had his eyesight, and I have no intention of starting that again.

My apologies to the ones responsible for this, but I shall insist on spending the remainder of my time sick.

((yeah, that's not gonna last the night. >> Strikes hackable if you try, he didn't secure it enough since he's pissed as all hell.))

4th Rose

Mar. 28th, 2009 01:40 pm
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Oh, this is so highly amusing. Am I affected? Oh, seems I am. This just makes things even better.

It's a pity more aren't capable of controling their thoughts. Modern Birthstones by month: Garnet, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Diamond, Emerald, Pearl/Moonstone, Ruby, Peridot, Sapphire, Tourmaline/Opal, Topaz/Citrine, Turquoise/Blue Topaz. But then, where would the humor come from? The list of modern birthstones was compiled and standardized by Jewelers of America; Blue Topaz is not always considered a December birthstone.

Mystical Birthstones by month: Emerald, Bloodstone, Jade, Opal, Sapphire, Moonstone, Ruby, Diamond, Agate, Jasper, Pearl, Onyx. The list of mystical birthstones are of Tibetian origin dating back over a thousand years.

Hm. I seem to be rambling. I suppose I should end that.


I do hope everyone finds a way around this.


2nd Rose

Feb. 15th, 2009 10:48 pm
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The clean up after Valentine's Day is always such a chore.  The girls at school gave me almost more boxes than I could carry home, and then when I woke up the next morning there was a mountain outside our door.  Kaasan nearly went head over heels when she opened the door.

Sometimes... sometimes I do wish I wasn't too polite to decline them.

[Locked to Kaito]

Kuroba-san, would you mind taking all some of these boxes off my hands?  Being a canine demon I can't exactly handle very much chocolate at a time before becoming ill.

((Strikes typed then deleted))


Though it has been very interesting to watch a virus from the outside rather than be affected by it.


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