deadly_garden: (Stern Kurama)
deadly_garden ([personal profile] deadly_garden) wrote2009-04-26 09:13 pm

6th Rose

This virus is officially highly inconvenient.  The two days I spent with Yuusuke were... tolerable, at least. However...

Yomi.  Of all people, it is Yomi I'm forced to... touch... today.  I would touch Sensui before Yomi, in all honesty.  I touched Yomi often enough when he still had his eyesight, and I have no intention of starting that again.

My apologies to the ones responsible for this, but I shall insist on spending the remainder of my time sick.

((yeah, that's not gonna last the night. >> Strikes hackable if you try, he didn't secure it enough since he's pissed as all hell.))

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