deadly_garden: (Rose Kurama)
deadly_garden ([personal profile] deadly_garden) wrote2009-02-28 05:54 pm

3rd Rose

It seems Kaasan and Hatanaka-san have decided change the date of their wedding from a fall ceremony to an early spring one.  I'm not sure what exactly prompted this change, but I suspect it has to do with the sakura trees blooming.  Kaasan favors them, after all.

[Locked to self, difficult to hack (IE: Gods and friends with good computer skills)]

This simplifies things somewhat.  Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by Yomi, of all people, seeking my return to the Makai.  I'll have to negotiate with him, of course, as to how long I'll... visit, since there is only so often I can tell Kaasan I'm going with friends to China.  Perhaps I can give her a trip as a honeymoon gift...


I likely should start shopping for White Day gifts.  Two weeks until the holiday, after all.

...I should get Hiei something.  Just to see his reaction.

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