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20th Rose [Voice]

[He sounds strained, and possibly a little insane?]

Scratching, clawing, digging.  Scratching, clawing, digging.  Scratching, clawing, digging.

[He's growing more frantic as she speaks, faster and louder and much more desperate.]

There's something in there, something trying to get out.  I can't let it out, can't let it out.  Has to stay inside, unacknowledged.  Ignored, for the sake of everyone else.  Safer, for them and for me.

Blasted fog!

[The last is said in a hushed whisper]

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Sir? Please, just hang on a little longer. Whatever the matter is, there are people on the community who will be able to help you.

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You're not making any sense. What's trying to get out? Who do you have to protect?

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No need for apologies here. With everything that's been happening lately, the panicking is more than justified. But you need to hang on until help arrives; you won't be able to protect anyone in the state you were in before.

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Where are my manners? My name is Relena Peacecraft. And the pleasure is all mine, I assure you.

Is there any way I can help, Mr Shuichi?

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For something like this, there is nothing more pressing. You can be certain of that.

How long have you been a member of this community? I, myself, have only been here for a couple months, although with everything that has happened, it certainly seems like longer.
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Strangely enough, despite the... inconvienience of having my memories altered, or being stuck to another for fear of debilitating pain, I have enjoyed my time here.

And yourself?

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I found my brother through this community, so I agree, it can be useful for some things.

Tell me about this person dear to you. How did you first meet?

I was sleeeping >>'

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My, my, what's wrong?

:D did you rest?

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[Saguru is amused.]

Why not? Whats so wrong about being yourself?


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[Poor poor fox.]

Lying is not safe for you, who cares about the others?

Ughh...I hate those -_-

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[At least a part will be.]

No one said that you have to hurt her even if you act like how you really are deep inside.

It worths a try, got luck~

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[Saguru certainly think so.]

Love it's an illusion.

*crossing fingers for you here * :D

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Even that can be fake, do you think that all the parent love their child? I know for sure that it's no thew case.

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What make you think that your mother cares?

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Oh, a few scars...she deserves a trophy then. saved you from what?

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That wasn't an insult, that was sarcasm. Get it right at least.

Why did you fall int he first place? She was not paying attention?

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So you was the stupid one?

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I don't... I don't remember much from that time. Just bits and pieces. Nightmares. My Shadow had emerged and became a separate entity while I was unconscious...

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Yes... Perhaps. But our confrontation was still painful, being forced to face that side of myself, in the flesh.

I need to know something. Are there any mirrors where you are at. Large ones? Big enough for a person to step through?

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Try to hold out for as long as you can... We have to save the others first. The weaker ones.

Good. Just as long as there is something that we can use to enter your world, it will be enough.

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[Heh... Naoto's actually heard the shrine fox whine before...]

I think the worse ones are the stronger Shadows, the ones who tried to bury their flaws more deeply...

Right. Since Rise-chan pinpoints the person, we'll be able to find you, no matter your location.

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I don't know... But the less you try to hide your flaws, the weaker the resultant Shadow will be. Those people are closer to accepting themselves than those with a powerful Shadow. Those are the ones that will need the most convincing...

We'll use the utmost care, I promise.

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I had a feeling that might be the case...

Stay strong. We'll be there as soon as we can...