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12th Rose [Video]

[And another video from our fox.  He's bandaging up his arm yet again and his lip appears to be... chewed on?  And bleeding.  His clothing appears singed and burnt in a few places and is missing half the back of his tunic.  His pantslegs are torn and bloodstained, though the skin underneath is bandaged.  He suddenly looks up at the camera and scowls, his lip bleeding just a little more from the action.  He jerks his head to the side]

I assume you've all heard that Kuro beat me.  Yomi lost to his opponent and Mukuro defeated Natsumi.  Tomorrow Kuro has his battle with Enki and then whoever wins that will go onto the finals.

I pray that Mukuro will lose to one of them, whoever it is.
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Looks like you got a love bite.
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Seems like an easy way to do it.

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Well that was certainly a creative way of winning a match. Even though it's cheating.