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9th Rose

Yesterday were the preliminaries of the tournament. Things went about as expected, except for Chuu throwing his match for falling in love with the last combatant. So much for his drive to have a rematch with Yuusuke, I suppose.

Kuro was as well remembered and recived as I thought. Kuro-mine, just how many dropped out of the tournement when they realized they were in your bracket?

So far Touya, myself, Kuronue, Yuusuke, Suzuki, Hokushin, Yomi, Mukuro, Yomi, Shishiwakamaru, Rinku, Hiei, Raizen's former sparring partners, Jin, and I beleive Trish have made it into the tournement proper. Oh, and Shigure, though I had thought Hiei had killed him.

Yomi arrived at the tournement with his... son... in tow, who also fought in the preliminaries. I do have to say, the boy is amazingly stubbron, certainly his father's son. I think he was close to willing to die to defeat Yomi, but he thankfully surrendered when he realized he couldn't do it, not yet. He has the potiental I think, however.

The fights start again soon, with Shishiwakamaru vs Hokushin, Jin vs... one of Raizen's old friends, I forget his name at the moment. Touya, you have a fight today as well, correct?

((YYH cast: Please inform me if this isn't alright with ya'll and I'll happly make changes. Setine, is it fine for me to figure Trish made it past prelims?))

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That is correct! Though ... your demons aren't like mine.

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The demons I know don't ... really think, you know? They're manifestations of sin.

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'bout half. Thought they'd kill each other stampedin' away from me. Heh!

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The ones who stayed weren't standin' long.

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Can't say I felt bad for givin' them a good reason to regret not leavin' when they had the chance.

Because Kaito is totally there. Observing. And causing trouble.

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You guys need a new concession stand. They don't even sell candybars.

He'll be pranking a few lower level demons. And be running for his life. And laughing about it

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I don't trust them.

[Locked] Lol I think Yuusuke might have to save his ass once or twice |D

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Consider it done! Thanks Kurama-san.

Have you seen Urameshi? I've been looking for him all over the place.


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I'll go look for him there. Thanks!

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[COMMENT IS NOT HERE but she's watching]

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[She will definitely be responding to that :|b]

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Yes, I do!
[[OOC: want me to post his video tonight?]]

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I fight against Natsumi's brother.

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Hnn...Chuu needs to not get so easily distracted by a pretty face.
Thanks, Kurama.