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This memory opens up with a door opening and a young boy, clearly Kurama’s human side at age six by the mop of red hair, is seen entering it.

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((And purple is Kurama's human mother, normal as always being Kurama himself.))
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OOC: Majority (As in, all but two or three lines of Kurama's after Kurama and Kuronue walk into Yuusuke's room) transcribed from the anime, episode 111, second half. Figured it'd be better to do it this way than shoehorn the bits of dialogue that I wanted in this at awkward places. Normal text is Kurama, italics is for Yuusuke, bold and italics is for Kuronue, and bold is for Koto and [Spoiler here, read the video post to find out who won the tourney]. Done with Lii and Z's permission.

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Jul. 26th, 2009 03:17 pm
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((And here we have a lot of bullshit identity crisis why I hate this arc an accidental video post of Kurama's fight. Replies will be ICly an hour or so after the fight all in voice, though anyone in Makai is welcome to action spam funs. ^^))

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Jul. 25th, 2009 02:01 pm
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Yesterday were the preliminaries of the tournament. Things went about as expected, except for Chuu throwing his match for falling in love with the last combatant. So much for his drive to have a rematch with Yuusuke, I suppose.

Kuro was as well remembered and recived as I thought. Kuro-mine, just how many dropped out of the tournement when they realized they were in your bracket?

So far Touya, myself, Kuronue, Yuusuke, Suzuki, Hokushin, Yomi, Mukuro, Yomi, Shishiwakamaru, Rinku, Hiei, Raizen's former sparring partners, Jin, and I beleive Trish have made it into the tournement proper. Oh, and Shigure, though I had thought Hiei had killed him.

Yomi arrived at the tournement with his... son... in tow, who also fought in the preliminaries. I do have to say, the boy is amazingly stubbron, certainly his father's son. I think he was close to willing to die to defeat Yomi, but he thankfully surrendered when he realized he couldn't do it, not yet. He has the potiental I think, however.

The fights start again soon, with Shishiwakamaru vs Hokushin, Jin vs... one of Raizen's old friends, I forget his name at the moment. Touya, you have a fight today as well, correct?

Cut for video )

((YYH cast: Please inform me if this isn't alright with ya'll and I'll happly make changes. Setine, is it fine for me to figure Trish made it past prelims?))

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Jun. 26th, 2009 08:06 pm
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Until recently I did not believe I would ever be thankful to have found the community.  This is not to say I ever truly hated it either.  It was just a part of my life, if an occasionally irritating one.

It is true I have made a fair number of friends here and met some intriguing people.  Even found some who shared common interests with me.  However, it was still simply something I could visit in my spare time.

Yesterday changed that.  The community saw fit to return someone who I had long since thought forever lost to me.  Someone who I cared for and still care for deeply.

I believe I shall be one of the few who will ever say these words:

My eternal thanks, DramaDramaDuck.

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When he had been Yoko full time, Kurama had learned quickly that removing emotions from the equation in terms of heists and jobs was the only proper way to do things.  Put emotion into it and you got careless and made mistakes.  He'd forgotten that once, and it ended in his losing someone he cared deeply for.

He was no longer Yoko, not as often, but he'd learned his lesson hard that day and never forgot it.  He kept emotion out of all his plans, all his objectives... save this time.

This time he was furious.  He was furious and elated and out for blood.  No one chained up his bat and got away with it.  No one.  And he was going to show them exactly what happened when someone dared attempt it.

He turned to Kid, giving a mental message to his plants to protect the other thief as he did so, once they'd arrived in a thankfully deserted section of the castle.  "Keep a sharp eye.  These are demons, and they will not hesitate."

Barely waiting for an answer, he pulled a rose out of his long silver hair and wordlessly transformed it into his Rose Whip.  "I'm going for Kuronue."

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[Kurama managed to sneak away from Yomi and the events in the Makai much easier than he initaily thought he would be.  But then again, he reminded himself, Sorai, Rinpai, and Shunjun reacted very well to seduction, bribery, and blackmail.  He'd have to remember that, especially in the case fo Shunjun, who was actually the one responsible for his injuries that caused his hiding out in the Ningenkai.

He'd made a quick stop at a nearby convience store to pick up a few creature comforts for Kaito, remembering from his mother's multiple trips how bored she had been.  Bag in hand, he made his way to the hospital and up to Kaito's room and knocked on the door.]

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I should have gone this morning, but... matters forced a delay in my trip.  Yomi can bite me; I keep my own schedual.

So this evening I will be going to Genkai's Temple where the Spirit World Defense Force will open a portal to the Makai so that I may spend the month serving as an advisor to Yomi.

I... am unsure just how much contact I will have with the Ningenkai or the community.  Gandera is supposedly far more advanced than most of the Makai, but I do not believe it is advanced enough to connect with such a vastly different technological set up.  I will keep up as best I can, however.

I suppose I shall see you all soon.

[/End first lock]

[Locked, unhackable, to Kid]

I'll be sure to steal way some time to continue to tend to your injuries.  It's amazing what bribery, blackmail, and seduction can acomplish. And I think we should have a talk or two.

[/End second lock]

((And we FINALLY have more canon progression!  *is watching the appropriate episodes now, actually*  First strike is thoughts, second strike is difficult to hack, but not totally impossible.))

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Feb. 15th, 2009 10:48 pm
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The clean up after Valentine's Day is always such a chore.  The girls at school gave me almost more boxes than I could carry home, and then when I woke up the next morning there was a mountain outside our door.  Kaasan nearly went head over heels when she opened the door.

Sometimes... sometimes I do wish I wasn't too polite to decline them.

[Locked to Kaito]

Kuroba-san, would you mind taking all some of these boxes off my hands?  Being a canine demon I can't exactly handle very much chocolate at a time before becoming ill.

((Strikes typed then deleted))


Though it has been very interesting to watch a virus from the outside rather than be affected by it.

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Feb. 2nd, 2009 01:05 am
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Is... is there any particular reason my herb garden is now the colors of the rainbow?

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Kurama stepped out of Hakuba's car and looked around, fully aware that he'd just been hopped fifteen years into the future of Tokyo.  He took in as much as he could, eyes wide and searching.  It was partly old habits; searching for threats, avenues of escape, and places to hide.  But then he also was taking advantage of this chance, to learn about future events and the state of the world in 2009.

Then he looked around with a different purpose, searching for the magician he was due to deliver a few bars of Hershey's Chocolate to.


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